In 1962, our firm was founded on the belief that everyone — at every age, every economic level — deserves a well-designed place to live, in a vibrant community.

Each generation of Miller Hanson architects is energized by this legacy of commitment, inspired to innovation in the design of multihousing.

At last count, we’d created more than 45,000 homes: Senior campuses. Luxury condos. Co-ops. Mixed-use developments. Affordable apartments. Supportive housing for people who face special challenges.

Continuing relationships are a hallmark of our practice, with 85 percent of our projects coming from clients who have worked with us in the past.


Miller Hanson’s clients include private and nonprofit developers, local housing authorities, faith-based groups, educators and health care organizations. Saying we collaborate with them in a design partnership isn’t just rhetoric. We assist at every step in a project, helping navigate a development environment that constantly changes and challenges.

We have extensive experience bringing together the various stakeholders in an inclusive public engagement process — preparing exhibits for design presentations, conducting charrettes, and meeting with neighborhood, government finance and regulatory groups to build consensus and achieve a successful outcome.

Once a project is under construction, we bring that spirit of collaboration to the job site. Miller Hanson is highly respected in the building industry for excellent construction documents, a fair and cooperative approach to problem solving, and follow through.

Rather than be driven by trends, we work at understanding social and cultural shifts that affect design and the development environment.

Universal design. Sustainable design. New Urbanism. Their guiding principles are incorporated in our projects every day, a reflection of the evolving needs and social sensibilities, the changing lifestyles that demand an architecture for a new America.

While housing is the focus of our practice, we also design extraordinary learning environments, critical to building strong, healthy communities in which people of all ages can thrive.

Our landmark projects, like our current work, inform Miller Hanson’s expertise. They fuel our fascination with the varied ways that goals of community building can be realized.

Demographics change. The economy changes. People’s lives change. Miller Hanson’s commitment to providing them with great places to live is unchanging.